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Stop Trying to be God

concept video

Song by Travis Scott

When I first heard this song I had to play it on repeat because I felt it filled with emotion and depth. I wanted to create a video that would beautifully compliment the song. I had my face painted and I knew that was the perfect time to record the video. The black background, flowing cape and slow motion all contribute to emphasising the 'magical fantasy' qualities.


concept video

Music composed by J.S. Bach

After listening to some relaxing Baroque music I had a thought - What might pole dance have looked like during the 18th century? This era was known for it’s beautiful ornate detailed paintings. I used the fresco piece ‘Apotheosis of St Ignatius’ by Andrea Pozzo as the background. I wanted to almost blend in and look like a part of the painting coming to life. A sheer vintage flowing gown contributed to the desired effect.

I am Blessed

concept video

Song by Mr. Vegas

During the lead up to Notting Hill carnival 2019 I was reminded of this song. It soon became my theme tune because of how uplifting and positive the message is. The song instantly raises your vibration and reminds you of your blessings! I used my carnival outfit against bold and bright patterned backgrounds to bring out the summer time vibes. It reminds me of an 80’s style music video and remains one of my favourites.


P.S. Mr. Vegas liked this video on instagram ;)


concept video

Song by Aakou

I instantly loved this song when my friend, Aakou, asked me to make a video for her new single. I knew that I wanted to create something with some more skilled pole tricks and a dreamy impactful visual. Usually I don't know exactly how it will turn out until I get editing and experiment with different effects.

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